Revolutionizing Shirt Prints: Digital, Traditional, and Transfer Printing Methods

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Revolutionizing Shirt Prints: Digital, Traditional, and Transfer Printing Methods

Dec. 05, 2023

1. Shirt common printing process:


Digital Direct Printing


Digital direct printing, such printing methods like a printer, directly print the print pattern on the surface of the fabric, after steaming, washing, pre-shrinkage treatment to achieve the final product. Digital printing for cotton, cotton, hemp, cotton linen, cotton, cotton, cotton, cotton elastic fabrics.

Proofing can choose to play hand-woven sample or meter sample, proofing time is generally about 7 days. The big goods time is usually 20-25 days.


Traditional printing / watermarking / screen printing, such printing method for screen printing, through the engraved printing screen printing customer patterns, applicable to cotton, polyester-cotton, cotton brocade elastic, cotton brocade, cotton linen, hemp, cotton elastic, cotton, cotton elastic, cotton, cotton, cotton, cotton, cotton, cotton, polyester elastic fabrics.

Advantages: applicable to a wide range of fabrics, inexpensive.

Sampling: S/O hand sample, sampling time is generally 7-10 days.

Big goods: S/O sample confirmation, big goods time is generally 25-30 days.


Digital Transfer Printing


Digital transfer printing is a kind of printing method through digital printer to print the printing pattern on the top of digital paper, and then the digital paper will be transferred to the printed fabric after high temperature. Suitable for polyester, polyester elastic fabrics. Not applicable to cotton fabrics. But part of the fabric Chamber of Commerce special treatment of a polyester-cotton fabrics to cotton fabrics to do in the back of the printing so as to improve the quality of the fabric itself and feel.

Sampling is generally S / O or meter samples, sampling time 3-7 days, such as time emergency can be the same day and the next day out of the sample.

If the fabric is in stock, it takes about 10 days for the big shipment.


{Shirt common printing process}

{Shirt common printing process}


2. Shirt trademark accessories


The trademarks and accessories involved in the shirt are main label, size label, wash label, sub-label, buttons, hangtags and so on.

The main label, size label, sub-label process is generally woven mark process Woven label, there are other processes such as printing label, transfer label, microfiber label.

The general material of the wash label is printed satin label.

Hangtags according to customer requirements to choose a different process, without the material of the paper. Such as kraft paper, coated paper, etc., process lamination / matte.


3. Processing / technology


a. Plate making

Shirt processing according to the customer's shirt style for cutting, sewing. Shirt processing flow:

Plate making (cutting list) --- sewing --- buttonholing --- cutting line quality inspection --- steam ironing --- packaging quality inspection

Sample making/pre-production sample

b. Sample confirmation to arrange the production of large goods

c.The factory will arrange the production of big goods according to the production order


4. Packing


According to the customer's demand, the shirt packaging methods are generally divided into the following categories:

Single opp bag flat package: packaging accessories 2 clips, 1 button, a moisture-proof paper

Single opp bag three-dimensional packaging: packaging accessories clips, plastic collar liner, clips, buttons

Plus hanger packaging and so on.


{Shirt common printing process}

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